1 on 1 coaching with Coach PugsBeTrippin

Hello! My name is Peyton, I have been competitively playing Valorant for 3 years now. Valorant was actually my first PC and first FPS game. Like most I started from the bottom and now I’m here! I have experience playing in a Tier 3 scene for both an all female/non binary roster that participated and played in VCT Game Changers. As well as a mixed roster that played in many tournaments.

I have been coaching OATH for 2 years now, starting with a league team, Cryptid, and moving to the 2nd OATH competitive Valorant team. I also am a collegiate Esports player for Kansas Wesleyan University. I am the Captain of the Valorant team and the Co-Captain of the Overwatch team. I won’t sit here and tell you I’m the best Radiant player and out smart my opponent because I’m the best, but I will tell you that when it comes to improving, mental, and overall game sense I sure as well can more than help with that. Improvement comes with hard work and dedication, let’s work together to get you to the top!