1 on 1 coaching with Coach Lucksmith

I have been playing competitive Esports since I was in high school, where I participated in local tournaments and school matches. During my time at my university, I joined my club team and joined an outside Overwatch team to continue my pursuit of competitive Esports through the pandemic.I helped develop the Esports club and helped push for an official Esports program for students to compete in and receive scholarships.

I started coaching in OATH approximately two years ago, and during my first fall season of coaching I would win the Season 7 Transcendence tier of the tranquility Overwatch tournament. I currently work as an Esports coach at ASTEC Charter School and I coach both the ASTEC Overwatch team and the OATH O1 team. My coaching philosophies revolve around building key mental skills, understanding core game knowledge, working on your strategic planning, and find ways to sharpen your mechanics.