1 on 1 coaching with Coach ChickenJoe

Hello, everyone! I’ve been coaching Ember since Fall ’21 and previously worked for 2 years with ECU’s esports program (Overwatch Coach). I often remind my players that I’m not close to being the best shot, or having the fastest reaction timing…or at times the best decision-making! What I do have is an uncanny knack for identifying problematic communication patterns, both with others and within ourselves.

I earned my MSPS in Psychological Services (2019) from ECU and (through a series of fortunate academic experiences) found my love for teaching people about communication and connection. There are several guiding theories/beliefs I incorporate in my daily life, but I always try to emphasize one core value – identify your happiness, and use problem-solving techniques to achieve your goals. Come join me in creating a world that facilitates critical thinking and shows appreciation toward others! Kaizen 🙂