1 on 1 coaching with Coach Abby

I have been playing competitive shooters for as long as I remember. Growing up on counter-strike, the path to “getting good” was never clear. Moving later to Overwatch 1, it was even more confusing. In my time as a player, I struggled with concepts that other players seemed to take to naturally. Over time, I’ve learned to deconstruct the game so the sprawling web of interactions can be understood.

On tank, I peaked rank 31 on the NA ladder, on damage I peaked rank 100 on the NA ladder, and on support I peaked rank 150 on the NA ladder. My high level of play is a reflection of my in-game learning. Understanding how out of reach these concepts initially are, I hope to be able to bridge the gap between these concepts and you. I can also provide insight into how to mechanically improve with tools like kovaaks and aim labs, and shed light on how the competitive aspects of the game work in “Path to Pro”.