OATH is Oklahoma’s first youth esports program catering to students 12 -18 years old. This program focuses on teaching its players integrity in the body and mind, honoring the rules of the program and respecting all competitors and officials. “There are many players that are stuck at home and not getting the mentorship they need. With schools being closed our kids need something. OATH is designed to fill that gap and provide a good competitive and safe outlet for our players.” Patrick McClung OATH Founder and Coach for F1RST Team.

In order to participate, the team members must commit to weekly practices, workouts, and balanced meals, while upholding a good school standing and honoring outlined sportsmanship. “I recognize my son’s passion for gaming and was looking for a safe and encouraging environment that would allow him to grow successfully in this space. OATH is all that and more!” Amy Janes, parent, OKC. 

The current 2020 summer semester registration is now open and will be competing in Overwatch. All teams are composed of six individual players. Current coaches are former pro or current college varsity Overwatch players.  Esports is one of the fastest growing industries in the world with an estimated revenue of $1.48 billion in 2020. Colleges and universities across the country offer scholarships to their competitive team players. OATH is harnessing this energy to train Oklahoma’s future esports athletes. 

“I am so lucky my mom found OATH for me. I have a great team that gets to practice strategy and supports each other. “ Finn Janes (12 years old)


Patrick McClung has been gaming since the 80’s. He coordinated Halo and FIFA tournaments while in College at NWOSU. McClung taught middle school art and Journalism at Yukon Middle school. He currently is Creative Director for Spraycan Creative based in Yukon, OK.

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